Monday, February 20, 2006

20 Feb 2006 Baltimore
I have been in the USA for 10 day’s it has been full on activity so it is hear in Baltimore on day10 I have got 2 hours to sit down and start this belated blogger. Hear we go...
First to know more about the project I am hear to do you can look at the curators and the exhibitors

New York City, On the10 Feb.
I had dinner with the Photographer, Thomas Kellner over from Germany and Debra Klomp curator of my show Invisible conversations (and director of Pavilion in Leeds) which open’s in Louisville, Kentucky at the PYRO gallery Friday 17 Feb. I ended my first evening in NYC by walk up from “Mustarsh” a restraint on 10th street up to my hotel on 27th street with Thomas. We spoke on the walk of the problem of developing as an artist in the publicly funded sector and in the private gallery sector and how there seem to be a lack of cross over, as it happen we are examples of each of these career approaches, and we both have a strong interest in some level of crossing over. Who know Thomas may start doing publicly funded projects and I may start showing in selling galleries we will see?

Louisville, On the11 Feb.
So I got in to Louisville on Saturday afternoon completely misted Susan who had been waiting for me at the gate. I found my bag and luckily Susan found me. I was welcomed to Louisville by a very fined veggie burger in a groove café. And was introduced to the fact that this town is overflowing with parks, designed by the same man who deigned Central Park in NYC, my memory for name is bad, this will become clear as I continue to describe people in such terms “as the Man who” … I will have a go at getting in to one of these parks before I go.
I was dropped of a CJ presma and his wife Marcel (don’t trust me on the spelling of there name’s or any other for that matter!) house where I have been staying this week

On the, 12 Feb
I have made friend with both the dog’s and one of the cats. And discovered some Zimbabwean stone carvings in the back yard. I have a fondness for the skill and quality of there stone. This is a nice house to be in, space light and art everywhere. CJ and me go get some black paint and a sheet of 8 by 4 feet MDF that is soon a black board for the chalk drawings to come! This is all set up at the water tower were the Louisville Visual Art Association has it’s home.


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