Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On the, 13 Feb
Had a mad dash this morning trying to find tungsten balanced 120 E6 film or to non-photo people, big film that dun not go orange when you use it under artificial lights. In the end a PYRO artist called Geoffrey Carr tracked some down and met me at the water tower (home of Louisville Visual art Association) were I will be making my photos for the next three days. My first sitter is David and I know almost at once that things are the same in the US as in the UK when it comes to Disleckseya. The plan is Dislecksick’s will tell me their stories and I tell them mine. But “things are much better now” people say to me on the subject of dislecksya, it is the same phrase used in my chilled hood almost 30 years ago and NO IT IS NOT. I don’t get Dislecksick assuming things are better now and they should know! So David has a contained self-conference about him, which I hope will be in the Photo, no instruction is needed as he sites so well. I am unhappy with the lack subtlety of the lighting, something I may do work on back in the UK. Then I have a good chat about education and people perceptions of Disleckseya with Chris, sitter no 2. Is still having fun with hear life and right, which comes out in hear image on the black board. I ended the day by doing a talk on my work, at LVAA, concentrating on the public art and performances. The thing is Debra Klomp is stuck in New York so I do an intro to the Leeds art seen before talking on my work. It went well and I got 10 min’s to review the power point before I started. Susan G big’ed me up good before I started. After the talk there were lots of chats and dashing to leave. So we did.

On the 14 Feb 2006
So I have been in the US for 4 days I am just having a proof print made in the next room after another full day in Louisville having shot to more portraits to day, the lighting was much improved. Geoffrey Carr has been helping me with the lights and sorting a rate for scans at KINETIC the labs I have been using but there E6 has broken after only 2 Film so Geoffrey has offered to do today’s film himself at home. So my two sitter to day were Terry “not a boy” an English assumption, but a singer, sculptor and a woman. She told me about hear first time up at the black board and how she was dragged from the room strait to the dumb class, when she could not answer the question set on the board. And what manifested in it place was disorientation as ants running across the board, if she had fainted you call a doctor. Craig came by next a man who works with his hands, expression through making. His droring is of his work of what he is doing rite now with his hands and with the materials he works. Jonathan pop by we speak for nearly an hour he wishes to come back tomorrow so he can spend time on the drawing, 10.30 is the time set.

Dinner is at Mary Dennis’s house, which is a modernised wood cabin, to English that mite sound like a shed but far from it. Debra Klomp arrives before me; it is good food in a nice house.

On the 15 Feb 2006
Last day of shooting. Meet Geoff at Kinetic 8.30am look at the rowels of film he developed last night after the lab, hear stopped working. I choose on instinct 2 images to be scanned and head off to meet the next sitter at 9.15 get the by 9am and do more work re-setting the light as everything was moved for a work shop in the space last night. Norman mother new early he was Dislecksick like here and he got a lot of help. Jonathan has come back and has dun and drawing of his hands. In the lens they come out of the top of his head, he seem to live thro his hands and head so it all make senses to me. He takes me to drop of film.
Go see the all photos scans by 4pm so it is all in the Mac by sundown. I get to go and party with the girl band Mary and terry are both in it. There is an offer to stay out and play but I know I should go back and work on the proofs with CJ. Mary calls CJ. And I do the rite thing for the show; we (me and CJ) stay up till 2am working on it.

On the 16 Feb 2006
Printing show – Debra puts up UK part of show – go to Chinese that night “never deny yourself the Pleasure of helping others” is in my cracker, I don’t go to club, but go to CJ’s to design print labels for show I need the time to think thing over get it strait in my head. This was just what I need a bit of time to think the new work through.

On the 17 Feb 2006
Put up the new work well I sit back Debra seem to have tuned into what I like and I can chill a bit. Am very pleased with the layout of the work and the feel of the tow rooms. Head of for lunch, then for my traditional pre show hair cut started in 1994 with the art of the surreal show a collaboration with David Dellafiora. Me geoff and Debra go to the water tower to make new DIV man Portrait – we get to the opening of show 5.05 so only 5 minuet’s late for my show, good! Me and Debra Get key to the city from mayor of Louisville, very strange never even accrued to me that these things got given to people; it is a shiny gold pin in my lapel. Go to low life bar, with Mary and friends. Have a redneck pool game. End night in a Goth club when the bourbon kicked in and I need a bed.

On the 18 Feb 2006
Bit of a head on me this day but the shower takes the edge of the nights bourbon drinking, I was too sleepy to be to bad. Talk at the gallery 12.00 I hide round the back and come out in the white soon, which went well, giving me a chance to talk on one subject for a change, I also connected a lot of thing together which I had not dun. There is the party that night at CJ’s go’s quick but lots of people I don’t wish to talk about my work any more for a day or two now.

On the 19 Feb 2006
Get the bag all set for the next stop Baltimore Geoff tacks me and Debra to the air port, plain is late. But it all is O.K. my late plain makes it’s connection and I get into Baltimore about 8 – 8.30 Steve meet me good to seem hi we head off to his home. I met Steve in Hull, UK in 2002. more latter..

Monday, February 20, 2006

20 Feb 2006 Baltimore
I have been in the USA for 10 day’s it has been full on activity so it is hear in Baltimore on day10 I have got 2 hours to sit down and start this belated blogger. Hear we go...
First to know more about the project I am hear to do you can look at the curators www.pavilion.org.uk and the exhibitors www.pyrogallery.com

New York City, On the10 Feb.
I had dinner with the Photographer, Thomas Kellner over from Germany and Debra Klomp curator of my show Invisible conversations (and director of Pavilion in Leeds) which open’s in Louisville, Kentucky at the PYRO gallery Friday 17 Feb. I ended my first evening in NYC by walk up from “Mustarsh” a restraint on 10th street up to my hotel on 27th street with Thomas. We spoke on the walk of the problem of developing as an artist in the publicly funded sector and in the private gallery sector and how there seem to be a lack of cross over, as it happen we are examples of each of these career approaches, and we both have a strong interest in some level of crossing over. Who know Thomas may start doing publicly funded projects and I may start showing in selling galleries we will see?

Louisville, On the11 Feb.
So I got in to Louisville on Saturday afternoon completely misted Susan who had been waiting for me at the gate. I found my bag and luckily Susan found me. I was welcomed to Louisville by a very fined veggie burger in a groove café. And was introduced to the fact that this town is overflowing with parks, designed by the same man who deigned Central Park in NYC, my memory for name is bad, this will become clear as I continue to describe people in such terms “as the Man who” … I will have a go at getting in to one of these parks before I go.
I was dropped of a CJ presma and his wife Marcel (don’t trust me on the spelling of there name’s or any other for that matter!) house where I have been staying this week

On the, 12 Feb
I have made friend with both the dog’s and one of the cats. And discovered some Zimbabwean stone carvings in the back yard. I have a fondness for the skill and quality of there stone. This is a nice house to be in, space light and art everywhere. CJ and me go get some black paint and a sheet of 8 by 4 feet MDF that is soon a black board for the chalk drawings to come! This is all set up at the water tower were the Louisville Visual Art Association has it’s home.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

4 Feb 2006
The artist, Benedict Phillips will be travelling from the UK to the USA on 10 February until 4 March 2006. This space will be were he documents his travels from Kentucky to Baltimore and back to his point of entry New York City.